West Point Cadets Head to Jersey City for Cultural Immersion

April 12, 2008


Source: The Journal News


On a recent sunny afternoon at St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church, priests wearing black hats and robes sat beside city police and West Point cadets in gray uniforms.

They shared a mix of American and Middle-Eastern dishes - salad, pasta, farick, koshary and falafel - as they discussed an earlier lecture on the Coptic faith.

For three days, the 30 cadets would replace their regular barrack beds for the carpeted floor of a local mosque, their professors for area ethnic and religious leaders and daily chow for more worldly dishes with unfamiliar names.

The cadets traveled last week to the ethnically diverse, second-largest city in the New Jersey as a cultural and religious immersion for the academy's course called Winning the Peace.