Web Site to Highlight Architecture of Islamic World

September 25, 2002

Source: The Associated Press

On September 25, 2002 The Associated Press reported that "an Islamic spiritual leader has united with Harvard, MIT and six Middle Eastern universities to create a Web site its creators hope will advance architecture throughout the Islamic world. The site, Archnet.org, includes 600,000 archived images, counts 6,000 members in 110 countries and links architecture schools around the world, eliminating the need for education centers in the developing world to build big libraries. The site officially will... [debut] Friday at a ceremony with the Aga Khan and the presidents of Harvard and MIT... Expanding Web resources can help level the field for women, who might feel more comfortable taking advantage of the anonymity of the Internet, said Tameeza Asaria, an MIT business student and volunteer for Harvard and MIT's Aga Khan Program for Architecture."