WCC Official Encourages Harmony Between Christians and Followers of Afro-Brazilian Religions

November 11, 2004

Source: World Council of Churches


On November 11, 2004 the World Council of Churches issued a press release that reported, "'Christians and followers of Candomblé and other Afro-Brazilian religions need not be strangers to each other,' but rather must realize that they are 'neighbours one to the other, and (...) must strive to forge good neighbourliness characterized by tolerance and mutual respect,' said WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia in the city of Salvador, Brazil, on Sunday November 7. Kobia made the comments in a meeting with representatives from some 16 'terreiros' or worship houses of this Afro-Brazilian religion and members of social and ecumenical organizations that work with the 'terreiros'. The meeting was organized by the Ecumenical Service Coordinator (CESE) and sparked considerable interest in the local press. The WCC general secretary emphasized that the reality of an inter-dependent world 'should prompt people of various faiths to come together, not to merge, not to blend, but affirming our differences, and yet committing ourselves to a new attitude to the other, a harmony of differences.'"