WCC Conference Aimed at Translating Interreligious Dialogue into Action

June 6, 2005

Source: The Christian Post


On June 6, 2005 The Christian Post reported, "Representatives from the major faith communities will gather in Geneva, Switzerland this week for a Critical Moment Conference that will address the difficulties facing interreligious relations in the globalized world. According to the World Council of Churches, the conference will take a hard look at the challenges of violence and prejudice which undermine dialogue between faith communities...The Geneva conference is organized by the WCC and will involve over 120 Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and other religious leaders, academics, human rights activists, humanitarian workers, journalists, and people experienced in working across religious traditions... The WCC, the worlds largest intra-Christian ecumenical body, has long been involved with ecumenical dialogues with other faith groups. However, according to Catholicos Aram I, moderator of the WCC central committee, there is a need to translate that dialogue into action."