WCC Claims U.S. Violating International Law in Guantanamo; NCC Supports

February 21, 2005

Source: Reuters


On February 21, 2005 Reuters reported, "The World Council of Churches (WCC), the main global body uniting non-Catholic Christians, accused the United States on Monday of violating international law in its treatment of detainees at its Guantanamo naval base. The Council, which includes many U.S. churches in its 342-church membership, also called on the administration of President Bush to grant full legal rights to the some 600 foreign nationals detained at a camp on the base in Cuba. The prisoners there 'are held without due process and in total violation of the norms and standards of international humanitarian and human rights law,' a statement issued by the Council's Central Committee declared. The statement was supported by the U.S. National Council of Churches (NCC), which links 36 Protestant, Orthodox and Afro-American communities across the country and has been campaigning for the detainees to be granted due legal process."