In the Wake of Sept. 11, Muslims Still Fear Intimidation

May 18, 2004

Source: Voice of America

On May 18, 2004 Voice of America reported, "As the US government takes actions designed to root out terrorism that include personal surveillance, detentions and scrutiny of financial records, the American Muslim community has reacted with some foreboding." At one of the largest mosques in America, "Imam Johari Abdul-Malik says a climate of trepidation pervades the community. Many are reluctant to talk. 'The perception is larger than reality. There is a feeling of fear and intimidation. I sense that Muslims, both immigrants and citizens, feel that they have been stripped of their fundamental civil rights. There is a fear, and many people have stories of being visited by federal agents asking questions. They feel afraid to answer them. They feel afraid not to answer them.'"