Visit the Temple of Universal Light to Feel Chistian-Hindu Harmony

February 4, 2007

Source: Daily India

Parimanam (Kerala), Feb.4 (ANI): A maiden visit to a chapel in Kerala can leave you with the impression that you have entered a Hindu temple.

It is because the chapel's architecture is so Indian, with a stone lamp, found in all Hindu temples, catching one's eye in the courtyard.

"Om", the religious symbol representing Lord Shiva, signifying cosmic energy, adorns the roof, and a cross on top completes the picture. But what is most striking is its altar.

The idol showcases Jesus Christ in a sitting posture with his right index finger touching the thumb, looking like the Lord Buddha on meditation.

And the gesture too is Buddhist, symbolising divine protection and blessing tohe devotees.

The Christian touch comes in the form of a crucifix placed next to the idol.

According to many parishioners, it confuses one's mind at the first sight but soon one can come to term with the innate spiritual meaning of the whole structure.