Vegetarian Test for Pupils at First Hindu State School

November 22, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Daily Mail

Parents hoping for a place for their children at Britain's first Hindu state school will have to prove they are teetotal, nonsmoking vegetarians to even be in with a chance.

The Krishna-Avanti Primary School will open in Harrow next September with an admissions policy that is believed to be unique.

A spokesman confirmed that the entry criteria will prioritise children of "practising" Hindus - defined as those who pray daily, carry out regular voluntary work and abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, meat, eggs and fish.

As there are only 30 places a year in a borough with 40,000 Hindus - the highest concentration of the faith group in the UK - the school is likely to be heavily over-subscribed.

Less observant Hindus are likely to find it difficult-to gain a place while non-believers will probably have no chance at all.