The Vedic Foundation Opens in Austin, Texas

July 1, 2003

Source: Barsana Dham Qarterly Newsletter

On July 1, 2003 the Barsana Dham Quarterly Newsletter reported that "K.C. Gupta, President of the Hindu University of America, and Dr. Vijay Mahajan, highly acclaimed marketing professor at the University of Texas, Austin, unveiled the logo for The Vedic Foundation during the annual Barsana Dham Mela in April. 'The Hindu University looks forward to collaborating with The Vedic Foundation and working towards the common objective of re-establishing the greatness of authentic Hinduism,' Gupta said... The Vedic Foundation is based in Austin, Texas, and is an affiliate of Barsana Dham, a non-profit educational organization. The Vedic Foundation was created to Re-Establish the Greatness of Hinduism by spreading the true knowledge of Bhartiya scriptures around the world through educational programs, community interactions, and dissemination of correct information."