Vandals Spray Paint Home of Kansas City Muslims

January 29, 2005

Source: WDAFTV4 News

On January 29, 2005 WDAFTV4 News reported, "someone spray-painted foul language on a northland house aimed at the Muslim owner. 'It was just spray paint, but next time it could be something worse,' said Mahnaz Shabbir, President of the Heartland Muslim Council. 'here shouldn't be any reason for anyone to take out a hateful crime, even if it's just kids. They should be educated to know that this is wrong.' On Monday's Fox drama '24', a Muslim mother poisoned her son's non-Muslim girlfriend because she posed a threat to the terror cell's plans. Shabbir says episodes like that perpetuate the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists. 'It doesn't help when we have a national show that continues to portray a stereotype towards us. That doesn't help us. It's like you take one step forward and this show takes us five steps backwards.'"