Vandalism at Mosque and Private Home of Muslim in Winnipeg

September 17, 2006

Source: CTV

On September 17, 2006 CTV reported, "Vandals have desecrated an Islamic centre and family home in Winnipeg.

Furqan Rajput woke Sunday to find not only his car and home spray-painted, but also his mosque -- the Manitoba Islamic Centre in St. Vital -- across the street.

The vandals had painted a swastika on the building and phrases like 'I'm a Packy (sic) fag.'

'Probably a hate crime. But maybe just ignorance they were trying to have some fun at someone's own risk,' he told CTV Winnipeg.

This isn't the first time the mosque has been targeted. In 2001, vandals smeared animal feces and eggs on the walls, and in 2004, the windows were smashed.

'Usually there are acts like this especially post-September 11,' Rajput said. [Other mosque members think that] the recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI about Muslims may have played a role."