Utah State University Students Teach Middle Schoolers About Islam

March 29, 2004

Source: The Utah Statesman


On March 29, 2004 The Utah Statesman reported, "Mount Logan Middle School students had the opportunity to learn about Islam when Utah State University students from the Study Abroad program spoke to them last week. Muhammad Hussain, a senior studying business information systems and agribusiness, and a life-long Muslim who lived most of his life in Pakistan, said he spoke to students in an effort to spread awareness about Islam and clarify for students some of the misunderstandings that have developed since Sept. 11. 'The most important thing [for students to understand] is that we're not terrorists and that Islam ... spreads peace, and it has never initiated war,' he said. 'There is a lot more to the religion than media tells.' Students were shown a video narrated by two Muslim children living in Cache Valley which showed the children participating in daily activities such as attending school, watching television and playing soccer. 'Our lives are a lot like your lives,' one narrator said. The video also showed the children praying and involved in practices of their religion. Basic facts about Islam, including the five pillars of Islam, information about the Quran, the Arabic language, how Islam is similar to and different from Christianity and Judaism and information about cultures in predominantly Muslim countries were also presented. Students were then encouraged to ask questions about what they had seen."