US Varsity to Offer Six Courses on Hinduism

April 2, 2007

Source: The Times of India

NEW YORK: Recognising the interest of Indian American students in Hinduism, Rutgers University in the US state of New Jersey will start offering a broad-based programme to provide an overview of the oldest religion in the world.

Starting this summer, the university will provide six courses. These include undergraduate credit courses in Hinduism through its narrative tradition, Hindu rituals, festivals and symbols, Hindu philosophy and Hinduism and modernity.

Apart from this, non-credit courses will be available in Yoga and Meditation and Hindu Classics and folk dance.

"Very few institutions in the United States offer the kind of broad based programme that Rutgers will begin offering this summer," said Dr Michael Shafer, Professor at Rutgers University and Liaison to the Summer Programme on Hindu Studies.

"Several universities host scholarly courses on Hinduism and some offer courses on Sanskrit but the Rutgers Summer Hindu Studies Programme is unique in that it covers a wide range of topics in a ten week period."