In the U.S.: Muslims, Sikhs, Arabs, South Asians Face Threats, Violence - Immediate Backlash

September 12, 2001

Source: The New York Times

On September 12, 2001, The New York Times reported on the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on America. "In the face of suspicion and discrimination, Muslims struggled to assert their identities as loyal American citizens and to say that their religion does not approve of violence against innocents. Jews, meanwhile, could not help linking the victimization of Americans to that of Jews in Israel." The article continued, "...Muslim and Arab leaders in the New York area emphasized that they were reacting to the emergency first and foremost as Americans. They urged their colleagues to donate blood, and their doctors to volunteer at the site. "We have to show them we are part of the community," said Ahmed Shedeed, director of the Islamic Center of Jersey City. "This affects me as much as my neighbor. This is our country."