US Air Force Academy Faces Charges of Rampant Evangelization

June 27, 2005

Source: TIME Magazine,33009,1074105-2,00.html

On June 27, 2005 TIME Magazine reported, "This week, after a six-week barrage of allegations, the Air Force is expected to release a report based on more than 300 interviews, addressing charges that the academy is rife with an officially encouraged religious evangelization. Critics say the behaviors violated the Constitution and Department of Defense regulations--and threatened troop unity by teaching future commanders overt religious favoritism... The first stories appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette. They gained traction thanks to a July 2004 memo by a Yale Divinity School team that advised academy chaplains on rape counseling but made note of 'stridently evangelical themes' in Protestant services and warned that this could 'encourage religious divisions.' The letter was co-signed by Captain MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran chaplain at the academy... She has questioned the influence on the school of the many powerful Christian groups headquartered in Colorado Springs, sometimes called 'Evangelical mecca.' Some groups, she says, 'have Bible studies and classes in which faculty members can learn how to evangelize in their opening statements to students each year.'"