Update: Wiccan Tax Exemption Case Before State Supreme Court

June 12, 2006

Source: LifeSiteNews.com


On June 12, 2006 LifeSiteNews.com reported, "A Wiccan group has challenged Florida state tax-exemption on sales of religious articles and publications, after the organization lost its own tax-exemption status on items for sale. Tax exemption was withdrawn from the Wiccan Religious Cooperative because it did not own a place of worship, required by the Department of Revenue rules, reported the Orlando Sentinel on Friday. The group then launched a lawsuit on Halloween 2000, claiming the law allowing tax-exemption on religious items is unconstitutional. Heather Morcroft, lawyer for the cooperative, said the exemption violates the First Amendment clause that prohibits state-sponsored religion. Lawyers for the state and two tax-exempt religious newspapers want the case thrown out, on the grounds that the Wiccan group has no standing to initiate the suit because they are not harmed by the legislation."