Update: Teacher Transferred After Yanking Student's Headscarf

February 5, 2004

Source: The Times-Picayne


On February 5, 2004 The Times-Picayne reported that "Maryam Motar attends school in the United States, not France, where the government is considering a law that would forbid her to wear the head scarf required by her religion.

The West Jefferson High School sophomore's attire still made her a target for ridicule, though, and according to Ms. Motar, her mistreatment came at the hands of her world history teacher.

The 17-year-old Muslim student says that last week, as teacher Wes Mix was passing out tests, he pulled back her head scarf and said, 'I hope God punishes you. No, I'm sorry, I hope Allah punishes you...'

Jefferson Parish school officials apparently found the student's account credible, because they have transferred Mr. Mix to another school. They were right to act swiftly, but the system still ought to determine whether further disciplinary action is warranted."