Update: Sikh Participation in Independence Day Parade Gathers Crowd

July 12, 2005

Source: Sikhnet


On July 12, 2005 Sikhnet reported, "60 Sikh men, women and children performing Gatka - Sikh martial art performance- enthralled the spectators at the US Independence Day parade. Young Sikhs, mostly born and brought up in America, took the center stage in the national festivities marking America’s Independence on the streets stretching from Capitol to the White House. Swelling crowd of 300,000 spectators hailed the Sikh group with loud clapping and approving ‘ye’ sound as the group passed through the parade... This was the first time Sikhs participated in this national parade which was witnessed by the enthusiastic audience who traveled long distances to witness this annual ritual in the nation’s capital. A float carrying a heading ‘Sikhs of America’ was certainly drawing the attention of the audience... The float also carried the message ‘celebrating 100 years of presence and patriotism in America,' reminding the audience that Sikhs had been loyal citizens of America [for the] last 100 years."