Update: Rabbis Prepare for "The Passion"

October 24, 2003

Source: The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle


On October 24, 2003 The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle reported that rabbis are preparing for the release of Mel Gibson's "The Passion' by organizing dialogue groups to educate Christians on Jewish beliefs. "Rabbi Levin, leader of the Reform Congregation Beth Torah told congregants, 'We will make you ambassadors of Jewish information to the Christian community, through friends and informal dialogue groups. You will make a difference in demonstrating that 'The Passion of Christ' is just a movie about Jesus' passion, not the Jewish people.' Rabbi Levin proposes to organize many dialogue groups, with an equal number of Jews and Christians in each group, to talk about the basis of the Jewish faith and why anti-Semitism hurts. 'Imagine when the movie comes out, 'the rabbi asked rhetorically, 'if there are scores, or even hundreds, of people who have been in dialogue who can testify that they have come to a new understanding and that Jews and Christians can live together peacefully, as friends and without blaming one another?'