Update: Providence Kirpan Case Against Sher Singh

October 19, 2001

Source: The Providence Journal


On October 19, 2001, The Providence Journal featured the editorial by Sarbpreet Singh "The Sikh's arrest and Roger Williams." The piece concluded, "As America deals with legitimate, complex issues of security and retribution, there might be a tendency to not pay too much attention to cases like this one, which are emblematic of the backlash that Sikhs and other minority communities have suffered recently. While, on the surface, the refusal to dismiss the case against Sher Singh may not seem to be as significant as the weighty issues that a nation at war has to deal with, let us not forget that this war is all about preserving the American way of life, which is an ideal for so many. Let us also not forget that freedom of religion is an unalienable part of that way of life."