Update: Indian Immigrant Family Attacked in New York

August 5, 2003

Source: New York Daily News


On August 5, 2003 the New York Daily News reported that "three men attacked a family of Indian immigrants outside the family's Queens [NY] home on Sunday night, the police said. The victims said they were punched, spit on and told 'bin Laden family, go back to your country...' The police said bias may have motivated the attackers, who were described by the victims as white men. One of the victims, 32-year-old Lakhvir Singh Gill, said yesterday that he was sure prejudice and alcohol were behind the attack... 'They were drunk,' Mr. Gill said yesterday of the attackers, as he rubbed his back and pointed out his injuries — a swollen lip and bruises all over his body. 'It's my whole body in pain.'"