Update: Hindu Charity Stops Sale of Rama Shoes, Now Debates Disposal

September 9, 2005

Source: Eastern Eye


On September 9, 2005 the Eastern Eye reported, "A British Hindu charity won its campaign to stop the sale by a French company of shoes with a ‘sacrilegious’ image of Lord Ram printed on them (pictured), only to trigger an almighty debate about how to destroy them. Minelli sent the remaining 500 women’s shoes to Hindu Human Rights recently to be destroyed, with a letter apologising for any offence caused by it selling the shoes in France since May. It took a month-long letter campaign and a hundred strong demonstration outside France’s embassy in London on June 12 by HHR, for Minelli to contact the group and halt sales. But Arjun Malik, a spokesman for the campaign group, said it has been inundated with letters, emails and telephone calls, from among others Hindu temples, with warnings about how to destroy the shoes respectfully."