Update: Global Buddhist Summit Closes, Promoting Peace in Thailand and Beyond

November 14, 2005

Source: AsiaNews


On November 14, 2005 AsiaNews reported, "A global meeting to promote peace through Buddhist teachings has just come to a close in Thailand but violence continues in the tormented provinces in the south, where three people were killed over the weekend. From 1 to 5 November, Buddhist leaders of 23 countries in Asia, Australia and Europe gathered for the fourth Buddhist summit, which took place in the headquarters of the Royal Thai Navy Headquarters, the Hall of Khrom Luang Chumpornkhet Udomsak Building.

An initiative of Qui-sae, president of Japan’s Mahayana sect, the event aimed to highlight possibilities of promoting world peace through Buddhist teachings.

Another item on the agenda was the reinforcement of links between the adherents to the two main Buddhist trends: the Mahayana, or the Great Vehicle (of salvation), and Hinayana, or Little Vehicle."