Update: French Sikhs Wearing Turbans or Patkas to School in Defiance of Ban Kept in Isolation

September 15, 2006

Source: NDTV.com


On September 15, 2006 NDTV.com reported, "The debate over the ban on wearing of religious symbols in state-run schools continues in France. Four Sikh children are being kept in isolation and are not being allowed to attend classes because they refuse to give up their seven metre long turban and switch to the more discreet under turban keski or patka. Jasmeet Singh is being kept in isolation, while school authorities try to talk him into giving up his patka. 'They say you have two options. Either tie your hair at the back like girls or cut your hair. They say if I continue to wear my patka they will throw me out of school,' said Jasmeet, Student... While school authorities are implementing the ban, they don't want to make public comments about it."