Update: First Hindu School to Provide Equal Opportunity to Hindu Families

November 10, 2005

Source: The Independent


On November 10, 2005 The Independent reported, "[T]he first ever Hindu state school in the country... will be built in Harrow, on the north-western fringe of London, which has by far the biggest concentration of Hindus in the United Kingdom. More than 20 per cent of Harrow's population are followers of the religion that has its roots in India. That means that there are 40,000 Hindus, hence the demand for a publicly funded school. It will be a primary school, and could be open in three years, depending on agreement on a site, and the subsequent building process. Behind the project is an organisation called the I-Foundation, a group of British Hindu businessmen, working closely with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement, the mainstream branch of Hinduism in the UK. Influential figures within the I-Foundation in Harrow successfully lobbied the council to support its bid for government money to set up the school. Their motivation was twofold: first, the belief that Hindu families, like those of other great religions, should have the chance to choose a publicly funded school for their children; second, a growing desire to anchor Hindu children more securely to the central principles of their faith."