Update: Fatwas Against Pluralism Continue to Cause Concern

August 22, 2005

Source: Voice of America


On August 22, 2005 the Voice of America reported, "Indonesia's highest Islamic authority has issued a series of controversial hard-line fatwas, or edicts, causing a rift with the nation's leading religious groups and raising concerns that intolerance is growing in this traditionally moderate Muslim nation. The fatwas issued by the Indonesia Ulema Council, or MUI, during its national congress last month describe liberal interpretations of Islam, secularism, and religious pluralism as being against the teachings of Islam. The 11 fatwas also ban interfaith marriage and prayers performed with people of other faiths. They renew a decades old ban against Ahmadiyah, a Muslim religious movement that started in India in the late 19th century and was brought to Indonesia in 1925."