University of Nevada-Las Vegas Holds Interfaith Barbeque

January 30, 2006

Source: The Rebel Yell

On January 30, 2006 The Rebel Yell reported, "About 50 people gathered at the Newman Center [at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas] Thursday to eat barbequed food and interact with UNLV students of different backgrounds and faiths... For some, it was their first time visiting the Newman Center. Most were members, but others had heard about the event from friends. Some attendees were small children, and there were also those who were not students. David Zeamer, associate director of the UNLV St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Newman Center, said that the Interfaith Council was 'hoping a few more faith-based organizations [would] join' the council... Zeamer said they posted fliers around campus, made students aware of the event at the new student orientation and directly invited several groups including the Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist and Muslim communities... He explained the barbeque was not a usual event, but they were intending to continue to hold a barbeque at the beginning of every semester."