"Uniquely Singapore" Branding Campaign Includes Attention to Religious Diversity

August 9, 2004

Source: TODAY online


On August 9, 2004 TODAY online reported, "The essence, or 'soul,' of Singapore has had several re-incarnations in the last decade but arguably none on as high a plane of existence as its current avatar. The 'Uniquely Singapore' branding campaign came to life only in March — but its presence is being felt practically everywhere. From the Singapore Zoo and the Post Office to food outlets, shops and even drug stores, the message of 'Singapore as an excitingly different and unique destination' is reaching out to millions...Indeed, like all great branding efforts, the message in the 'Uniquely Singapore' campaign resonates because it portrays the character of the country through a living prism — it does not try to create something artificial out of a vacuum...'How many cities are there in this world where you have a Chinese temple, a mosque, a church and a Hindu temple in the same locality?' [asks Mr. Ken Low, one of the key creative 'forces' behind the 'Uniquely Singapore' campaign.] 'This says something huge about our society.'"