UN Holds Conference on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace

June 23, 2005

Source: Manila Bulletin


On June 23, 2005 the Manila Bulletin reported, "Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto G. Romulo opened the United Nations Conference on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace last Wednesday, an unprecedented gathering of government officials, United Nations executives and civil society leaders to discuss the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation in the search for peace. In his opening remarks, Secretary Romulo told the participants in the Conference: 'Your presence here is an inspiring response to the urgent call for the promotion of peace and security and reflects a multi-sectoral approach – a tripartite partnership among governments, the UN system and civil society, including faithbased organizations involved in the search for peace'...Saying that he believes that 'this conference can make a crucial and significant contribution in bringing the weight of interfaith dialogue and cooperation to bear heavily on the side of peace,' Romulo suggested some approaches that the participants might wish to take 'in building on our work today and sustaining the momentum generated by our historic forum.'"