Troy Area Emerging as Center of Religious Diversity

October 26, 2006


Source: Detroit Free Press

In a year when religious differences have slowed interfaith programs in many parts of the United States, a group of clergy and lay leaders in the Troy area announced today that they are launching an unusual autumn series of programs on religious diversity.

What’s exceptional about the Troy coalition is that its range of religious groups includes a major Hindu center, the Bharatiya Temple in Troy, so the breadth of its interfaith programming is wider than is possible in many parts of Michigan.

“We’ve expanded beyond Jews, Christians and Muslims working together. We have so many faiths working with us here: Hindus, Sikhs and others,” Michael Silverstein of Troy, a lay leader at the Jewish congregation Shir Tikvah, said today.

Shir Tikvah, a congregation of about 500 families, is hosting the most distinctive of the Troy Interfaith Group’s events this fall.