Tri-State Welcomes Ganesha

November 2, 2009

Author: Susan Orr

Source: Evansville Courier & Press

In one sense, God has been present at the Tri-State Hindu Temple ever since it opened in 2007.

After all, Hindus believe God exists in everything — people, animals, even inanimate objects.

But over the weekend, hundreds of local Hindus gathered at their Vann Road temple to welcome God in a special way.

In a three-day ceremony that concluded Sunday, worshippers gathered for the installation of an icon of Ganesha, the elephant-faced representation of God who is revered for his wisdom and as the remover of obstacles.

With the help of three Hindu priests, the congregation chanted prayers, made ceremonial offerings and performed ritual activities designed to bring God's presence into the 2,200-pound stone carving.