Tibetan Monk Shot By Chinese Police After Burning Self

March 6, 2009

Author: Charlotte Cuthbertson, Li Xi & Qin Xue

Source: Epoch Times


A Tibetan monk was shot in eastern Tibet on February 27 after setting himself on fire protesting the Chinese regime’s banning of a religious ceremony, reports say. The monk, named Tape, 24, was set himself on fire outside the police station, said Kelsang Gyaltsen, member of the Tibetan Parliament in exile. The incident occurred in the Tibetan-populated town of Aba shortly after 1,000 monks were stopped by police from entering Kirti monastery’s main prayer hall for Tibetan New Year prayers.

“After the Chinese authorities issued an order to ban the prayer ceremony, at around 1:00 p.m. on January 3 of the Tibetan calendar, Tape set himself on fire in front of a police station. He was carrying a Tibetan flag with the Dalai Lama’s picture. He was shouting slogans, although no one understood what he was shouting. He ran out with fire all over his body,” Gyaltsen told The Epoch Times.

Eyewitness reports indicate the Chinese police fired three shots at monk Tape after he set himself on fire and at least one of the bullets made contact, the activist group said. His body was removed almost immediately and it is unclear whether he survived the incident.