Three Men Arrested for Plastering Belgrade with Anti-Semitic Posters

March 27, 2005

Source: Haaretz

Wire Service: AP

On March 27, 2005 the Associated Press reported, "Belgrade police have arrested three men for plastering anti-Semitic posters in the Serbian capital, the authorities said yesterday. Interior Minister Dragan Jocic declined to identify the suspects, but said they were 'young people ... found in possession of copies of the posters' identical to those that appeared Tuesday at the entrance to Belgrade's Jewish cemetery and in Jewish Street in Belgrade's historic city center. 'Serbia is not an anti-Semitic place, these are extremely rare cases,' Jocic said. 'We want to know what incited the young men' to put up the messages that also blasted Serbia's leading liberal B92 Radio and Television station and two pro-Western human rights groups."