Three Faiths Gather Under 'Tent of Abraham'

March 27, 2007

Author: Nancy Doniger

Source: Amity Observer

Christians, Jews and Muslins have more in common than monotheism and a heritage as sons and daughters of Abraham. They also observe common rituals and beliefs in covenant with God, or Allah, his name in Islam.

Clerics who spoke at a recent interfaith gathering believe that getting to know each other and sharing common ties is key to healing a troubled world.

Many collective observances and some faith-specific ones related to birth came to light during the interfaith event on a recent Wednesday at Sacred Hearth University.

About 100 people entered the "Tent of Abraham" in the university commons to ponder the meaning of life in ritual and reason.

Sister Margaret Palliser, assistant vice president for mission at SHU, gave the welcome, and Rabbi Rachel Guervitz offered a brief prayer, asking the participants to connect with each other out of love and understanding, in words acceptable to God.