Three Days of Celebration at New Temple for Sikhs

April 16, 2007

Author: Tom Quigley

Source: The Express Times

L. NAZARETH TWP. | There are four doors leading into the Sikh Golden Temple in Punjab, India.

They symbolize a welcome to all-- Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and Christians. It is a beautiful temple surrounded by water glistening beneath the night skies.

The door into the Gurdwara Sikh Temple on Daniels Road opened only a month ago. Before that, services took place in an area garage, temple committee President Preet Bajwa said.

"Everyone is welcome," said the temple's head priest, Kuldeep Singh on Sunday during the third day of festivities celebrating the temple's opening. He said a Sikh is simply a student of the one God who seeks his will on a daily basis.

During the Sunday afternoon celebrations three musicians sat cross-legged on a small platform singing songs based on the religion's Holy Book.