Threatening Note Thrown Through Pagan Woman's Window in Florida

December 7, 2005


On December 7, 2005 reported, "Authorities in Flagler County, Fla., are investigating an apparent religious hate crime after a rock with a threatening note written in an ancient theological language was thrown into a self-proclaimed witch's home... Jill Pagan, who practices paganism and calls herself a witch, said she was in her home when she heard a loud sound. She found that a large rock was thrown into her home with a note attached that warned her to stop what she is doing... The note was not written in English but in Theban, also known as the Witch's Script, according to the report... Pagan told Local 6 reporter Jessica Sanchez that she is spooked over the note and worried about her family. She said she holds many rituals in a circle in her back yard and her neighbors are aware of them. She said her religion is misunderstood and often scorned. 'The big thing is that a lot of people think we worship Satan,' Pagan said. 'Satan does not exist in our religion.' Flagler County investigators have no leads in the case but are checking the letter for possible fingerprints or clues."