Thousands Of Sikhs Celebrate Baisakhi At L.A. Convention Center

April 8, 2010

Author: K.B. Nair

Source: India Journal

Thousands of Sikhs from Southern California joined forces to put on a great show of unity  when they congregated at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles for  the annual celebration of Baisakhi on April 4. It was the 311th Anniversary of the Birth of the Khalsa and the theme chosen for this year’s festivities was “Khalsa is my Perfect True Guru.”

The event started in the early hours of the morning before sunrise with the Aasa di Vaar at the Guru Ram Das Ashram on Preuss Road in Los Angeles by Guest Raagi from the Sees Ganj Gurdwara in New Delhi, Bhai Kultar Singh.  As the darkness fell away, a motorcade carried the Sri Guru Granth Sahib to the Los Angeles Convention Center and was installed  in the sacred hall for public viewing which was followed by the recitation of the Jaap Sahib by a  Jatha from the Guru Ram Das Ashram. Then followed several hours of  kirtan performed by Jathas from Sikh temples in the city. The penultimate performance was by the three man team led by Bhai Kultar Singh from India and concluded with a Five Raagi Jatha presentation under the direction of Prof. Ranjit Singh.