Third Public Hearing to be Held for Proposed Hindu Temple

October 21, 2005

Source: Daily Record

On October 21, 2005 the Daily Record reported, "A third public hearing will be held on Dec. 14 for a proposed Hindu temple in an industrial park -- a plan that has riled many in the nearby Lake Parsippany neighborhood. Board of adjustment chairman Robert Iracane said on Thursday that he doubted that three hearings would be enough to resolve all issues stemming from the controversial application. The attorney for the applicant, BAPS Northeast, said the temple's traffic consultant will resume testifying at the Dec. 14 hearing. The attorney, Robert Garofolo, said there may be an additional presentation from an engineer, temple member Chandu Bhoraniya of Parsippany. A total of 150 people attended a second hearing on Wednesday night that quickly escalated into a shouting match between Iracane and several opponents of the building plan... BAPS Northeast wants to transform the two-story, 44,313-square-foot Team Products International Building... into an assembly hall with 636 seats that would operate on Sunday afternoons. In addition to conference rooms and multipurpose areas, there would be a small residence for the Pujari, whom Bhoraniya said on Wednesday night is the equivalent of a priest and the head of the assembly... Several Lake Parsippany residents who attended Wednesday's hearing said afterward that it would be a mistake to grant the temple the multiple zoning exceptions it is seeking."