Theologians Call on Religious Leaders to Respect Women

July 18, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Deutsche-Welle,2144,3492956,00.html

Leaders of the world's major religions need to focus more on the needs of women, theologians told a Saudi-organized conference this week.

Clerics need to "restore the dignity of women," Juan Jose Tamayo, director of theology at Madrid's Juan Carlos III university, told a roundtable on Thursday, July 17.

The roundtable was part of the Saudi-organized World Conference of Dialogue in Madrid, which aims at promoting religious unity. It brings together 200 participants, including leading Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish thinkers.

"Women have been forgotten and marginalized in religions," Tamayo said as reported by the AFP news agency. "They are organized hierarchically and patriarchically, excluding women in all fields of knowledge and religious matters."