Terrorist or Victim of the Patriot Act?

June 4, 2004

Source: The Oregonian


On June 4, 2004 The Oregonian reported, "In the search for terrorist 'sleepers' hiding among ordinary Americans, Pete Seda seems a most unlikely suspect. Nearly everyone in this small Southern Oregon town has a story about Seda's advocacy for Islamic causes. Crowds waved to him from downtown sidewalks each Fourth of July as he and his camel, Mandub -- 'ambassador' in Arabic -- joined the parade marching down Main Street. Dozens of college and high school students settled on rugs inside his Qur'an Foundation tent over the years to hear him describe a faith he believed was 'misunderstood and misrepresented' in the West... Seda has not been charged with a crime, but in early 2002 he and his foundation were placed on an FBI 'watch list' of individuals and organizations with financial transactions that might have supported terrorism. More than 300 names appear on the list. His friends say no one in Ashland thinks he should be on that list."