Ten-Day Hindu Festival Draws Far-Flung Families Together

September 26, 2009

Author: Amanda Adams

Source: The Gainesville Sun


When you walk into the Gainesville home of Krishnaswami and Mathura Alladi, your eyes immediately dart to the right, toward the bright display of the puja room, or prayer room, adorned with 20 frames of Hindu gods and goddesses, neon-colored flowers, burning incense and kolam, or rice flower stencils.

Just beyond that, 80 vibrantly dressed kolu, or dolls, cover the south wall of their living room.

Five rows of figurines stacked on top of each other with multi-colored Christmas lights weaving in between them, the kolu represent specific gods or goddesses, childhood memories and even family vacations.

The Alladis have labored over this presentation of kolu for more than 20 years as they have welcomed guests into their home as part of the Dasara celebration.