Temple Row Is Not Of Hindus' Choosing

November 11, 2009

Source: The Daily Gazette


Sushila and Dhirajlal Karia have run a small temple in their house near Clacton seafront for the past 30 years.

The couple’s spare bedroom might be tiny, but its consecration made it the only Hindu temple for more than 60 miles.

Since then, their home in Coan Avenue has played host to an incredible 50,000 visitors, often coming by the coachload.

But, for all that, the couple say they have never encountered unease or opposition from their neighbours or the wider community in Clacton.

They say the temple is a happy place, which brings people together.

They admit it would be nice to move it to a larger building with more room for worshippers – but say the last thing they would ever wish to do would be to upset neighbours or people in the town.

Mr Karia says a central precept of his religion is never to ask anything from anyone.

So, while he admits he would like help find a suitable building, Mr Karia says he would never lead a campaign for a new temple in the face of opposition.