Temple Committee Members Say Solution to Demolitions is to Merge Smaller Temples

July 19, 2006

Source: The Star


On July 19, 2006 The Star reported, "One solution to the Hindu temple issue is to get smaller temples to merge or relocate them to a bigger area, according to some temple committee members. The benefits far outweigh the initial setback that the temple management committees may face because the new site may be far away from their worshippers, they pointed out. Federal MIC secretary V.M. Panjamorthy said the relocation of three temples to one lot in Brickfields saved them from being demolished to make way for the monorail project. He said the temples, located next to each other, now enjoyed better support from the community and the authorities after they were relocated to a site about 2km away. Panjamorthy said the Brickfields relocation should be an example for all. “In 2002, the three Hindu temples faced problems during the construction of the monorail system in Brickfields due to their location,” he said. 'After much negotiation, the managements of the Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Lord Muniswaran temples agreed that they should be relocated to a nearby site. Now, when devotees visit one particular temple, they can also pray to the other deities, which are manifestations of the one God they pray to.'"