Tallest Rajagopuram in the US Under Construction at Hindu Temple of Florida

September 9, 2005

Source: St. Petersburg Times


On September 9, 2005 the St. Petersburg Times reported, "It is a tower that begins deep below the earth and stretches 70 feet into the sky, yet this time the neighbors don't seem to mind. Unlike cell phone structures that mar the suburban skyline with metal beams, this tower is a true piece of art. Called a Rajagopuram (Raja meaning king, Gopuram meaning gateway in Hindi, the language of India), the edifice will serve as the entrance to the Hindu Temple of Florida upon its completion next March. It will be the tallest one in the United States... Working under the direction of the internationally renowned artist Padmasri Sri Muthiah Sthapathi (who has overseen the construction of more than 200 other Hindu temples), artists are flown in from Chennai, India, to work on the Rajagopuram. Most are in their late 20s, leaving behind their wives and children for up to a year before new sculptors are brought over."