Taking the Extra Step At Ramadan

August 23, 2009

Author: Manya A. Brachear

Source: The Chicago Tribune



When Hasan Mavric bit into a date to break his first Ramadanfast on Friday, the taste sparked a series of rituals he had never performed during the ninth and holiest month on the Islamic calendar. 

After prostrating himself for the nightly recitation of verses from the Quran known as taraweeh, Mavric worked to elevate his awareness of God with additional prayers at home after midnight. He expected to rise several hours later to pray again and share a light, pre-fast meal called suhur

Every Thursday, Mavric also will preface the taraweeh with an abridged version of a ritual, known as dhikr, in which he and others in his Sufi order recite the 99 names of God. 

It is the first time Mavric, a member of the Islamic Cultural Center in Northbrook, has observed Ramadan as a Sufi, a Muslim who seeks a direct and personal relationship with God.