Symposium at Damascus University Discusses Religious Tolerance

February 11, 2004


On February 11, 2004 reported, "A symposium on 'The Renovation of the Religious Discourse' was opened Tuesday at Damascus University Auditorium sponsored by the University's Center of Strategic Studies and the Damascus-based Center of Islamic Studies under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education Hani Murtada. Rector of Damascus University, Mohammad Issam al-Awa, stressed in an opening speech [the] importance of the Symposium under the current delicate international circumstances where changes developments have reached in changing rapidly and 'ideologies and dogmas that are being exploited for evil aims.' He said the heavenly religions call for tolerance, harmony and cooperation among peoples of the world, stressing that our Arab history is full of examples of interaction among different civilizations and cultures. Several Arab intellectuals concerned with the renovation of the religious discourse are participating in the 3-day symposium, including figures from Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon Palestine and Qatar."