Sydney Rejects Religious Temples

February 1, 2008

Author: Justin Vallejo

Source: Sydney Daily Telegraph,22049,23139115-5007132,00.html

FIRST Camden didn't want an Islamic School, then Rosebery wouldn't stand for a Hillsong stadium and now a sleepy rural suburb north of Rouse Hill is campaigning against a Hindu temple.

All denominations have felt the wrath of local communities opposing religious development in Sydney, with the Hindu temple in Nelson the third pious building in as many months to be delayed on resident objections.

The temple's delay follows the latest incident of racist vandalism at Camden where the phrase "Aussie Pride 4 Life - Sand Niggas" was scrawled next to an Australian flag on the roof of a house on the planned Muslim school site.

Box Hill-Nelson Progress Association president John Higman said there was no place for the domed roof tops of the Hindu temple in a small, rural suburb that didn't even have town water, sewerage or roadside guttering.