Support for Challenges Faced by Pagan Parents Grows

July 7, 2002

Source: The Denver Post

On July 7, 2002 The Denver Post featured a story on pagan parents such as Michele Bigwood and the difficulties their "children will have to face as they grow up pagan in a majority-Christian country... Bigwood is one of a growing number of parents faced with teaching their children pagan morals at the same time they address issues of religious bigotry." But support for parents like Bigwood is growing. "Chain bookstores stock pagan parenting books, Yahoo! Groups reports 100 pagan parenting lists, and a pagan scouting program that began 18 months ago has 48 charters throughout the United States and Canada, including several in Colorado... The HarperCollins Dictionary of Religion estimates more than 100,000 people in the United States and Canada considered themselves neo-pagan in 1995... [and] at least 900 people showed up for the Pagan Night Out festival in Denver's City Park last year."