Students Make T-Shirts Messengers of Religious Tolerance

December 29, 2005

Source: Islamic Society of North America/Lincoln Journal Star

On December 29, 2005 the Lincoln Journal Star reported, "Some local high school kids spell tolerance like this: The 'T' is the cross of Christianity. The 'A' is the six-pointed Star of David, a symbol of Judaism. The 'C' is the crescent moon, a symbol of Islam. The kids, students at Lincoln’s Pius X High, had the word put onto 50 black T-shirts in capital letters. The shirts became their product for their Junior Achievement company. The kids weren’t sure how well the product would sell. Who’s going to want to pay $15 for a T-shirt with a religious message? But the shirts are in such high demand they must order more. Must be the message, they say. Must be that many people like the idea of religious tolerance... [Senior Steph Sutton, the company member who came up with the idea] said the company members thought it’d be a great idea to do this because of the backlash against Muslims after 9/11 and anti-Jewish sentiments in the Gaza Strip. And because of their own experiences as Catholic kids."