Students Of All Faiths Make Their Marks On Campus

October 1, 2009

Author: Kelly Sawyers

Source: The Hoya

It’s hard to imagine Georgetown without religion — but while the university prides itself on its Jesuit identity, the students who populate the Hilltop fall within a broad spectrum of religious affiliations.

Georgetown’s Jesuit identity makes for a very active religious atmosphere on campus and Georgetown’s motto, utraque unum, or “both one,” emphasizes the dual religious and philosophic nature of our institution. But as Georgetown has grown over the years, so too has the diversity of religious faiths among its students.

Today, it is not only Jesuits who soak in the beauty of Georgetown’s campus on weekend strolls or hurry to class during the mid-morning rush; nowadays, they are accompanied by leaders and students representing a multitude of faiths.

The Georgetown community features campus leaders from many faiths — ambassadors of the Protestant and Orthodox Christian traditions, as well as an imam and rabbi — and also includes a host of student-led groups offering fellowship for students of different religions.